How to create your character

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How to create your character

Post by Admin on Thu Aug 20, 2015 8:46 pm

• I won't provide you with a template - you must make your own as it's a good way for me to observe your literacy and creativity
• It doesn't have to be overly-fancy but I would like a smaller format - not necessary, though
• Include things like species, powers, personality, oc or canon, things like that
• If you're including a picture or gif, make sure to credit the original artist and/or provide the appropriate links

• It's of course set in Gravity Falls at your designated character's location
• It's Autumn - the air is warm, the wind is nice and orange leaves covers the floor
• Date or day doesn't matter, just make it up

How to start off
• Your character wakes up in their new forms and hilarity ensues.
• For aquatic creatures, they'll have to find a source of water quickly, whether it be jumping in the bathtub or sticking a bowl over their head. Certain creatures however, such as water nymphs, can also breathe air so it doesn't matter as much.
• For inclusion, make your characters run/fly/stumble outside to meet others - be creative


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