Monster Falls Rules

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Monster Falls Rules

Post by Admin on Thu Aug 20, 2015 8:52 pm

• Follow all of Tess's rules - no exceptions
• Don't spam this thread - that's why I made a discussion forum
• If you have a long signature, please disable it to make everything neater

• Don't be rude - take it to pm if you have a problem with another player
• Characters aren't like the players - remember that
• I have the right to ban you if you're rude to me or the others
• Please just listen to what I say/suggest

• Post your reservations on the discussion thread - don't pm me because then others won't see it
• Reservations will stay for two days unless you give me a good reason
• First come, first serve - don't get angry if you wanted Bill but somebody else got him

• Please aim for more than four lines - I'm gonna be strict about this because I hate five-worded replies
• Writers block is only accepted once every now and then
• Decent grammar and spelling is appreciated, although I do know how hard it is to maintain everything
• Your literacy is proven in your forms - I have the right to kick you out if you're not literate enough
• If you've read this far, put "monsterfalls" somewhere in your form (other section, topic, title etc)

• Don't god-mod
• Your character isn't perfect - they have fears and flaws
• They won't be good at controlling their new bodies and powers for a while so don't make them an expert
• Only two characters per person, including canons and OCs
• Speaking of, seeing as there are limited spots for OCs, only one each

• Please use brackets or something else to signal that you're speaking OOC
• Don't be OOC too much - there's a discussion thread for a reason

• To be decided
• To be decided


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